We teach swim classes from birth through to  preschool aged children.

Our 5* rated baby and toddler learn to swim classes start from birth and go all the way up to preschool age. Your child will join their own swim squad, and experience age and stage appropriate activities and development as they progress through our learn to swim programme, gaining confidence, learning safety skills and having a lot of fun on the way.

Baby Squad - Birth to 6 months
Baby's introduction to the pool

Our smallest squad enjoy gentle confidence building activities as they are introduced to the pool.  You’ll both feel relaxed and safe as you explore the pool together, learning safety skills and building the foundations for early swimming.  Babies this age have amazing reflexes, and we’ll help you tap into them to get swimming. Babies will become confident with movement on tummies and backs, begin to splash and kick on cue, learn to hold on at poolside, and become able to submerge confidently underwater.  And of course teaching with love, learning through play there is plenty of time for cuddles, bringing your love for them into the pool, and lots of age and stage appropriate fun, games, toys and songs.  

Bubble Squad - Baby 6 to 12 months
Getting inquisitive in the pool

Our Baby Bubble Squad will be making a real splash as they discover their ability to zoom through the pool with your support! Following baby’s lead and their developing reflexes, we explore the pool together. You and baby both have more confidence now and we are able to play more participation and imagination games. As baby’s strength is growing we can challenge them through play at an individual pace. Baby has a better grip and coordination now and is able to recognise their cues to splash, kick and submerge. You will be enjoying the teamwork between you and baby and feel proud of the progress they make each week. 

Splash Squad - Toddler 1 to 2 years
Getting moving in the pool

This is a very fun stage. The Splash Squad love to splash, kick and zoom through the pool; Getting wobbly as we practise our balance and having lots of fun, climbing out, jumping in, and chasing down toys. Your little one’s mobility is improving all the time and at this age we start to see them strive for independence so we can try out swim fins and noodles. You will work as a team developing your child’s listening skills for following instruction as well as allowing them to take the lead. It is vital that our listening skills are as good as the little ones so we share discovering the pool together, giving your child ownership of their experience and a feeling of confidence and control. Very important for our toddlers!

Surf Squad - Toddler 2 to 3 years
I can do it!

Our Surf Squad are working towards independent swimming, supported when needed by swim aids rather than by parent holds. Navigating the pool and taking the lead in our pool adventures, they’ll love the freedom and confidence they have in the water. Their core strength has improved and they are now able to swim alongside you getting a feel for propulsion. Once you little one is steady we set them loose! Lots of adventurous and imaginative play happens in these classes to get our squad excited and engaged, so they are working hard while having lots of fun. We are also start preparing them for the transition from parent classes to child only classes which we want to be natural and easy, and only when your little Surfer is ready. 

Pre-School Flipper Squad
Child only classes - off I go!

Our Flipper Squad are swimming solo, with parents on poolside instead of in the water with them. In a small class we work on our listening skills and will work with different swim aids as required, showing off our skills, developing our technique and working up to independent swims on front and back and starting our distance badges. This is a big step and we make sure to take our time following your child’s lead. Creating the right environment is key to allowing your child to flourish into a full swimmer. Building on the trust we have built up with your child throughout their lessons we create a safe and fun space. You will love watching your child in the pool utilising all the skills you worked on together. They will feel a great sense of achievement working on their own and as teachers we will burst with pride at the confident little swimmers we see in the pool. 

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What Our CuStomers say

I had my first lesson with my 9 month old on Sunday. Although I’ve had him swimming in the past, the classes just allowed him to feel more confident and comfortable in the water, and me more confident with what I can do with him in the water. I dunked him 3 times in the class and he didn’t even flinch, he was too busy having fun! Looking forward to the rest of the lessons and seeing my little one grow in to a confident little merbaby!

Stefeny Barlow

We stayed our little girl swimming when she was 14 weeks as we wanted her to be happy and comfortable in the water. 11 and a half months on we are still going. Lil loves the classes and especially Megan she is brill with all the kids and really makes a effort to get to know everyone. We are switching to Sunday classes as I’m going back to work we are so gutted that we have to say goodbye to Megan - thank you xxxxx

Helen Burgess

My 2 year old son has been coming to merbabies for the past 5 months and has gained so much water confidence in this time. Everything is child led and having had a bad experience at other swim lessons before this has made a world of difference in building my sons confidence. Emma is a great teacher who really engages well with the children. Most of all the classes are lots of fun and we love to practice our tiger arms and monkey monkey throughout the week!

Gemma McCrimmon

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